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Brunswick Twisted Fury - (Save Now)!.

Get Twisted! The Twisted Fury expands and upgrades the Fury line by introducing both a new core and new coverstock to the market. The Twisted Fury is comprised of an asymmetric version of the Torsion Core and the EnMotion Reactive coverstock. Coverstock The Twisted Fury introduces EnMotion Reactive coverstock. More aggressive in the mid-lane and back-end than High Octane, EnMotion Reactive delivers tremendous mid-lane recovery and forgiveness combined with plenty of back-end ball reaction Core Brunswick has added a new twist to the Torsion core concept by producing an Asymmetric version for the Twisted Fury. The symmetric version of the Torsion core used in the original Fury was based on triangular geometry. The Asymmetric version is based on a six-sided polygon. The inner core of a 16-pound Twisted Fury weighs in at 6.36 pounds, resulting in a medium RG that helps push the aggressive EnMotion coverstock down the lane. Brunswick has put a new twist on core design so you can twist it up better on the lanes. Reaction Characteristics Out of the Box: With its Rough Buff finish, the Twisted Fury will provide excellent mid-lane recovery and a strong continuous back-end reaction. If your Twisted Fury goes too long: Dull the surface with 800-grit or rougher abrasive to get the Twisted Fury to roll sooner and increase its hooking action. If your Twisted Fury hooks too early: Polish your Twisted Fury with Brunswick's Factory Finish High Gloss Polish. To bring your Twisted Fury back to its original factory finish, sand the surface to 400-grit then use Brunswick's Factory Rough Buff Finish.

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