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The Columbia Momentum this bowling ball comes with a factory shine. it was made for the average bowler that bowls on a typical house shot. it is more of a medium reacting bowling ball. it has the same core as the Columbia Resurgence or appears to anyway. I believe it was made to counter the wet dry conditions that we sometimes run into. I like this bowling ball. I have mine drilled at the arcing layout or ebonites 90 degree layout. I also recommend that you scuff the shine off with 1000 abralon. this will smooth out the factory box finish. Columbia is making some very good bowling balls now.
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Columbia Momentum

With Momentum's new NE2 coverstock, more of the ball surface meets the lane. The result is better friction, resulting in greater control in any oil condition. The Momentum comes polished, so its energy is conserved until it reaches the end of the oil pattern. This ball was designed for today's league bowling conditions. It's the dominant league ball that's missing from your bag.

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