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How Bowling Ball Surface Effect Bowling Ball Motion

What Adjusting Your Bowling Balls Surface Does for Bowling Ball Motion

Before I can go into detail on bowling ball surface adjustments I need to give you the basics on bowling ball motion.  The basic motion of a bowling ball as it is rolled down a lane is slide, hook, and roll.  These are also known as transitions.

So what you as a bowler are trying to do with your equipment is match these transitions to the lane conditions to give you the best possible reaction on the lane and at the pins…

When you adjust the surface on your bowling ball with either abralon or polish, what you are really doing is adjusting the first transition or the slide portion of the lane.  In fact the more surface on the bowling ball's cover stock the shorter slide the ball will have on the lane.  The less surface, the longer this transition will be.

By finding the best ball surface match to the lane conditions can give you the best possible skid to the hook zone which I will go into in later articles.

What you do not want to do is get this confused with hook or a bowling ball changing direction.  Surface only shortens or lengthens the slide part of the ball motion.  So look at this as earlier or later response rather then more right to left direction change.

There are three stages of bowling ball motion. slide, hook, and roll.These stages are called transitions.You as a bowler adjust yourself to these transitions for the best over all result.Adjusting the surface of your bowling ball adjusts the first transition or slide part of the bowling ball motion.More surface short slide, less surface longer slide.

Remember tips are only a tip thats all they are so if it does not work for you go back to what did.
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