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Bowling Ball Drilling Tips
The Different Bowling Ball Pitches

Pitches used in Bowling Ball Drilling a Bowling Grip Tip

First what are pitches in a bowling ball?
Well, pitch or pitches are the angle that the holes are drilled in a ball and should match the bowler’s grip. Because everyone’s hand is so different, the angle of the hole must match the person who is using the bowling ball. Now this is not an exact science, as one ball driller may read your hand differently than another. In addition, there has been no one way of measuring a person’s hand for a bowling ball. Although there is a certification that a pro-shop can get from an association called IPSIA, you still have the human aspect and many different facets involved in the art of bowling ball drilling.

Definition of Pitches
First, everything I am talking about is for right handed bowlers and should be reversed for the left handed bowler. I will outline the pitches below along with an illustration below them.

The basic pitches are:
1. Right lateral also known as under palm on a right handed bowler.
2. Left lateral also known as away from palm on a right handed bowler.
3. Forward is the same for both right and left-handed bowlers.
4. Reverse is also the same for right and left-handed bowlers.

Now these are the 4 main pitches used in a bowling ball. In addition, I am mainly talking about the thumb pitch in this article because most of the time I endorse a zero finger pitch unless there is a physical problem involved.

Forward and Reverse Pitch
The amount of thumb pitch you have and the angle will vary due to many different factors. The span is probably the most influential when determining forward and reverse. Then flexibility of the bowlers hand is the second most influential factor. Again mainly for the forward and reverse pitch. Here is one that I am not sure that a lot of ball drillers take into account and that is the texture of the person’s skin. Do they have very dry hands or do they sweat a lot. All those are the factors involved in forward and reverse pitch of a thumb hole.

Amount of Forward or Reverse Pitch
The amount of forward or reverse pitch as a rule is usually based on the length of span, unless the person has a very stiff or very flexible hand in addition, to very dry or very moist hands. A rule I use which works pretty well, is 3 ½ to 4 inch span is zero pitch, 4 to 4 ½ inch span is zero to 1/8 reverse, 4 ½ to 5 inch span is 1/8 to ¼ reverse. Now 3 1/2 to 3 inch span is zero to 1/8 forward. This is all just a guideline since you must take the other factors listed above into consideration.

Right and Left lateral Pitch.
The amount of right or left lateral pitch of the bowlers thumb hole is determined by the angle of their thumb. This is done in a few different fashions. This is the method I use, but there are others. I will have the bowler grab their opposite wrist so that their bowling hand palm is facing up, if the thumb is pointing toward their pinky finger, then they need right lateral or under palm. (Note: Most people will use under palm). Now if their thumb is facing their middle or index finger, then they either need zero or left lateral. That is just one method and there are several others, but they do about the same thing.

Amount of Right or Left Lateral Pitch
The amount of later pinch is determined by how much angle their thumb has when they grab their hand. A basic rule I use and there may be some that will disagree, if the thumb points at the pinky finger then it is 1/8 under palm or right lateral and if it points at the index finger, then it is 1/8 away from palm. Then you would adjust accordingly if the thumb points more or less. This has worked for me for years.

Here is a picture below showing the different pitches.

Below is an example of how to check lateral pitch this would be under palm or right lateral for a right hander. It would still be under palm but left lateral for a a left handed bowler.

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