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Affects Of Finger Positions In Bowling

Here is a tip that kind a goes along the same lines as your wrist position adjustments. In fact, you can combine these in different combinations with the wrist position adjustments. This is a tip to explain the affects of adjusting your finger positions which as I said earlier you could use that to get even more or similar bowling ball motions.

I put these finger adjustments into 4 basic categories. They are wide index finger, wide index and pinkie, wide pinkie with a tight index finger and all fingers tight. There are pictures below to I hope help you understand which is which. Now I will outline them and the basic reaction you should get.

1. Wide index finger - an earlier roll with more end over end, and can have a slight roll out reaction.

2. Wide index and pinkie finger - same type of reaction as the wide index, but more of it!

3. Wide pinkie tight index finger - A higher roll and puts more weight of the ball on the track side, tends to have a more angular back-end. I do not use this one very much.

4. Fingers in tight - same type of reaction as the wide pinkie tight index finger, but more of it, gives the ball a more angular reaction, does not put the weight of the ball toward the track. It does tend to delay the balls roll too.

These are the basic finger adjustments in bowling. Combine these with cupped, flat, or straight wrist position to enhance your bowling ball motion even more.

I am not telling you to use these, but if you need a little earlier roll try adjusting your index finger out. The same is true if you need a little later roll, try adjusting your fingers in tighter.

Remember if it does not work, go back to what was. Tips are a tip that is all they are.
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