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Changing Body Angle To Help Open Up Your Shot In Bowling

Here is a tip for bowlers that need help with playing the inside line oropening up their shot. In addition, it could help you if you are pullingyour shot across your body.

This tip goes in combination with a couple others that I have sent out. Oneis squaring up for a direct line and the other is playing the inside line.There is an illustration below to show you what I mean. If you move left to play an inside line or to open up your shot, it may not be enough.Especially if you move left and still try to roll the ball directly at the pocket.

You not only have to move left, but you also need to change the angle ofyour body and feet. I know many older bowlers that have trouble after theirdirect line dries up. They just try to play the same line and roll the ballharder.

Sometimes they will move left, but still try their direct line. My pointand bowling tip is some times moving left may not be enough - you will needto change your hip, shoulder, feet and line toward your target. (Example -the 6 pin area.)

You may even need to walk your approach in that direction or fade towardyour target. This will help you get the ball out and down the lane. Youwill have to trust that the ball will come back. You do not want to get itout too wide or the ball will not recover. This technique would normally beused if the shot dries up or there is a more inside line with mainly drieror short lane conditions.
This is for a right-hander - everything is reversed for the left-hander.

Illustration Of Using Your Body Angle To Help Get The Ball Out And Down The Lane.

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