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Columbia 300 Bowling Balls. You know all about the great rivalries in sports. Michigan and Ohio State, Cards and Cubs, Yankees and Red Sox. Introducing the Rival. It has no competition. On medium to heavy oil this ball will leave the competition shaking their heads. Check this one out: this Rival is the best of everything you need. A benchmark ball that picks up in the middle of the lane and never quits.
Columbia 300 Bowling Balls. We built the Resurgence from the ground up. It's a great ball that's leading the rebirth of the Columbia 300 brand. We started with a new core. Finished it with a new coverstock. We even make it in a new plant. The Resurgence is the new standard in this industry for heavier volumes of oil. This ball is strong through the body of any pattern and continues hooking all the way through the pin deck.
With Momentum's new NE2 coverstock, more of the ball surface meets the lane. The result is better friction, resulting in greater control in any oil condition. The Momentum comes polished, so its energy is conserved until it reaches the end of the oil pattern. This ball was designed for today's league bowling conditions. It's the dominant league ball that's missing from your bag.
Wrath "High Flush"
Columbia 300 Bowling Balls. The Wrath "High Flush" moves forward with a historic core and new veneer. The proven Ti Boss II core is combined with our new "Bring It Back" veneer to build a high performancelook in a mid-priced package. Due to the finish (4000 Abralon), this ball will not be as sensitive to oil as most skid flip products. This ball does what great mid price balls do: it goes long, flips hard and hits like a truck.
Jazz Blue/Green
Columbia 300 Bowling Balls. Get a great performance at a great value. Check out this dynamic performance technology surrounded by Columbia 300…trade;s proven Super-Flex veneer. This ball is available in three great color schemes that will make you sing. The Jazz; this value level performance ball screams “use me all the time.”

White Dot Blue Pearl
Columbia 300 Bowling Balls. Now the most popular ball in the world, exclusively from Columbia 300, sports a new logo and new colors. For over 30 years, White Dot has won bowlers over with its knock-out performance and unbeatable quality.

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