When learning how to bowl, the right equipment can make bowling a lot easier. Buying your own ball, shoes and bag is essential. I recommend using a different ball for your strikes and spares. Let me explain the reasons why.

My Strike Ball:
Most fun bowlers will use a house ball to bowl both their first and second shots. That’s OK if you are only an occasional bowler. If you bowl more often and want to learn how to bowl better I would suggest you purchase a medium priced resin ball with a reactive shell. This ball will react on most lane conditions really well. It will, in most cases, destroy the pins giving you many forgiving shots. A fingertip grip reactive resin ball will cause the pins to lay down and literally fly all over the pit. The only disadvantage to this is that you will leave many more “10″ pins which is a good thing because it shows that you are hitting the 1-3 pocket consistently.
My Spare Ball:
I recommend a plastic ball. This will hook minimal and be truer when thrown. If you are right handed, move left to where you left foot is almost in the gutter. Now walk a straight line to the foul line and throw it over the center arrow. If the ball falls into the gutter before it reaches the “10″ pin, then move a little right and visa versa if you miss inside the pin. Reverse this if you are left handed. Actually I use this ball to pick up all my spares. It took some getting used to but I highly recommend that you take the time to learn this, especially if you want to learn how to bowl better. It will improve you game by a lot. Remember to practice whenever you can and join a winter or summer league.
Proper Shoes:
If you only bowl once or twice a year, then definitely rent your shoes. Rented shoes are typically a universal shoe. Works for either a right handed or a lefty. They favor the beginning bowlers or bowlers who only bowl once and a while. If your interested in improving your game then I would recommend purchasing your own pair.
Practice and lessons:
Practicing is really important. Go to you local bowling establishment and ask if they offer bowling lessons. Usually they can run 8 to 10 dollars an hour which are well worth it. It will get you started in the right direction before any bad habits set in. Doing it is better than just reading how to perform.

Wally Voelker has been an avid bowler for over 50 years and still carries a nice 200+ average in 2 leagues. He enjoys helping others whenever he can. His flagship website http://learnhowtobowl.net is loaded with great tips from your approach to what kind of bowling shoes or bowling balls to use. This website Http://LearnHowToBowl.net is designed to help anyone who enjoys bowling.

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