A Tip for Bowlers
How to Choose
Bowling Shoes

Here are a few things to think about before buying a new pair of bowling shoes or any shoes really. It is not so much as the brand, but the style of shoe that is important. Below are a few things outlined that you should consider.

Rule #1 The size of your foot, this is an obvious one for most people you would want to make sure you get the right size of shoe before you buy them. What I recommend is you go to a department store before ordering your shoes and have your foot measured.

Rule #2 how often you bowl if you only bowl once a week or once and awhile or do you bowl in tournaments or lots of leagues. This is also important because a serous bowler would want a good and more expensive shoe than a once in awhile bowler, but make sure you get a descent shoe.

Rule #3 the price of the bowling shoes and your pocket book. You need to get the best shoes for your needs that you can afford. There are lots of good bowling shoes at a great price. Below is a link so you can look at some shoes if you wish.

Rule #4 the style of shoe this is probably the most important part in the process most people including myself for a long time did not know that there are certain things about shoes to look at. Examples are a raised heel will slide less than a flatter heel. The styles of some shoes, note a blucher style shoes are made for a wider foot. The material the shoe is made of vinyl or leather to name a few.
Rule #5 are the shoes glued or stitched on the bottom. The better made shoes are stitched and not glued, but they are also more expensive.

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This was just a few things to think about before you purchase your new bowling shoes.

If you are Serious about Bowling then you will need to
Maintain your Bowling Shoes so they last you a long time.

How to Choose New Bowling Shoes – A Tip for Bowlers

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