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Hammer Cherry Vibe
When To Use - This bowling ball is like the hammer blue vibe although it is red in color and pearlized. there is a different coverstock on the cherry vibe compared to the blue, the weight blocks are the same, the main difference is the coverstock. I still like to use this bowling ball on dryer house or broken down sport patterns. best suited for a 35ft to 37ft pattern and a more inside line or the track area about 13 to 8 boards. this ball could also be used as a goto ball after the shot breaks down If a player does not want to move his feet and just wants the same reaction he had when the lanes were fresh. I recommend this ball be drilled at the arcing motion layout with the pin under your ring finger or at 4.5 from your pap and the cg in line angling toward your thumb or ebonite 90 degree layout. If the box finish is to flippy for you then I recommend smoothing out the surface with 1000 abralon or a gray scotch brite pad.
hammer cherry vibe,
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Hammer Bowling Balls. The Cherry Vibe features a symmetric performance core and Hammers new Max-Length Pearl Reactive coverstock to provide excellent length with good backend reaction on medium to light oil lane conditions.

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