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hammer cherry vibeCherry Vibe
Hammer Bowling Balls. The Cherry Vibe features a symmetric performance core and Hammers new Max-Length Pearl Reactive coverstock to provide excellent length with good backend reaction on medium to light oil lane conditions.
Black Widow Bite

Extra bite with a great backend. Dark. Aggressive. It's the Black Widow Bite. Check her out. Featuring the High Mass Bias Gas Mask Core with Flip Block and new Violent Bite Reactive coverstock, the Black Widow Bite is what we moderately call “aggressive”. The Black Widow Bite expands the performance offerings in the Black Widow series by offering a stronger hook motion with more aggressive backend. Take that as a warning.
No Mercy
Hammer Bowling Balls. THIS COULD GET UGLY...
Nothing's more deadly than No Mercy. It's a new approach to ball technology and layouts that's simply better. The new HART core concept and Violent Response Reactive coverstock make it a killer on the backend. You can almost taste their fear. Bon Appetit.
TECHNOLOGY TURNS EVIL. The dominating Hammer Aggressive Reaction Technology (HART) core inside this killer makes it a feared competitor. Driven by simple layouts, its attack on the backend will show no mercy.
Aggressive Reaction Technology (HART)
Hammer is very pleased to introduce the new Hammer aggressive Reaction Technology (HART) core concept to the bowling industry. Developed by our team of design engineers, this radical new concept in bowling ball core design provides maximum performance without the need for exotic layouts and weight holes. It is that simple.
Combining the new HART core concept and Violent Response Reactive coverstock gives the bowler more aggressive hook motion and improved hitting power. This unique core concept delivers aggressive backend reaction by placing the pin at 1:30 with the HART in track (see Drilling #1).
The No Mercy is very simple to drill. For layout purposes, please use the plastic bag as a template.
No Mercy Beat'N
Hammer Bowling Balls. The No Mercy Beat'n features the same HART concept core found in the original No Mercy combined with the new Violent Hook Reactive coverstock to produce excellent all-purpose ball motion. Compared to the original No Mercy, the No Mercy Beat'n will provide more length, more aggressive backend reaction, and more total hook.

Black Widow Pearl
Hammer Bowling Balls. IN STOCK - SHIPS IMMEDIATELY. The Black Widow Pearl. First she seduces with her looks. Then she kills with her power. With a High Mass Bias core and pearlized version of the Violent Reactive coverstock, she has even more length and backend than her sister. Grab one today.

Black Widow
Hammer Bowling Balls. Featuring the High Mass Bias Gas Mask core with flip block and Violent Reactive coverstock, the Black Widow goes long and attacks violently on the backend. There's no lane condition out there that's safe.
Raw Hammer Toxic
Hammer Bowling Balls. The Toxic features a modified Raw Hammer core and the proven Enhanced Max-Flip Reactive coverstock with the new Traction Pearl. The result in excellent length and strong backend reaction on medium oil lane conditions.

Raw Hammer Anger
Hammer Bowling Balls. The Anger features the modified Raw Hammer core wrapped in our new Max-Hook Reactive coverstock to provide strong and continuous hook motion in medium to heavy oil. If you want aggressive hook motion at an affordable price, the Anger is the answer.

Vibe Blue
Hammer Bowling Balls. Vibe is a great choice for the first-time Hammer bowler
and serves as the #1 weapon in the Hammer product line
for battling dry lane conditions. Featuring a performance
core and the new Max-Flip Reactive coverstock, Vibe
delivers excellent length and good backend.

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