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Basic Bowling Ball Motion Characteristics

A Bowling Tip on Bowling Ball Motion Characteristics

This bowling tips article with video is on Bowling Ball Motion and goes in conjunction with our last post on
How to Play a Bowling Lane.


First, There are 3 basic Bowling Ball Motion Characteristics and a basic rule of thumb on when bowling lane conditions favor this type of ball motions. Note: this is just a basic guide line and not etched in stone.

These bowling ball motion characteristics are Long and angular, Arcing, and Early rolling
(Note: bowling ball layouts can be used to enhance these basic ball motions.)

The Motion Of A Bowling Ball Explained.  
1. Long and angular with continuation or your skid/flip ball.  
This type of bowling ball motions is good for playing an open or inside line and on drier lane conditions.

inside line in bowling, bowling ball motion

2. Arcing, smooth curving and sometimes will have a slight roll-out at the last transition.
This type of ball motion is good for playing the track area or a medium line and on medium lane conditions. 

medium line in bowling, motion of a bowling ball, how to do bowling

3. Early rolling, will skid, hook and then stop and roll straight, sometimes known as a roll-out.  
This type of ball motion is good for playing a more  direct line and on slicker lane conditions.

direct line in bowling, How to bowl, ball motion in bowling

Experiment with these Bowling Ball Motions and learn to recognize when to use them can greatly increase your bowling scores.

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