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Finger Positions Used In Bowling

This is Part 4 in the bowling tips series on how to release a bowling ball
This bowling tip in the series is on Finger Positions Used in Bowling and how they affect your bowling balls roll and motion.


First, when experimenting with these hand positions.
Care must be taken to avoid any injury.
So any time you experience pain or any discomfort you are not executing it correctly and should be adjusted.

There are 4 main finger positions
They are wide index finger, wide index and pinkie, wide pinkie with a tight index finger and all fingers tight.
Each of these finger positions promotes a different type of ball roll and can be used in a different situation in your bowling game.

Again these are for right handed bowlers - reverse for left handers

Finger hand positions explained
1. The Wide index finger position promotes an earlier roll with more end over end, and can have a slight roll out reaction.

2. The Wide index and pinkie finger position promotes the same type of reaction as the wide index, but more of it.

3. The Wide pinkie tight index finger position promotes a higher roll and puts more weight of the ball on the track side and tends to have a more angular back-end.

4. The Fingers in tight position promotes the same type of reaction as the tight pinkie, but more of it and gives the ball a more angular reaction and does not put the weight of the ball toward the track and tends to delay the balls roll.

Experiment with these finger positions and learn to recognize when to use them can greatly increase your bowling scores.

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