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The 3 Basic Vertical Bowling Wrist Positions

This is Part 2 in the series of bowling tips on how to release a bowling ball.
This article in the series is on vertical bowling wrist positions and how they affect your bowling balls roll and motion.


First, there are 3 main bowling vertical wrist positions.
They are flat, straight, and cupped wrist positions
Each of these wrist positions promotes a different type of ball roll and can be used in a different situation in your bowling game.

Important; when experimenting with these bowling wrist positions.
Care must be taken to avoid any injury.
So any time you experience pain or any discomfort you are not executing it correctly and should be adjusted.

Vertical wrist positions explained
1. The Flat Wrist Position
The flat wrist position is used with what we call a broken wrist.
Executing this position as you release your bowling ball promotes a delayed hook and is good for lane conditions with drier back ends or shorter patterns

bowling wrist positions, flat or broken

2. The Straight Wrist Position
Straight wrist position this is just what it says it is.
It is a straight and neutral wrist position and is the recommended place to start; all the other wrist positions should be adjusted from this.
The straight wrist position promotes a medium reaction on the bowling lane.

bowling wrist position, straight

3. The Cupped Wrist Position.
This position is done by cupping your bowling ball.
Most of your high revolution type bowlers like doing this.
It promotes an earlier roll and more revolutions on the bowling ball.
You would want to use this type of motion on a little slicker condition and can help if you are leaving a lot of wrap 10 pins that we explained in our video series on the 10 pin in bowling.
If done correctly this position can increase your pin carry due to the fact of the increased revolutions on the bowling ball.

cupped, bowling wrist position

Experiment with these wrist positions and learn to recognize when to use them can greatly increase your bowling scores.

Look for our next video in this series
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