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Bowling Lane Conditioning
Understanding Pattern Development.

Here are a few things you should understand about bowling lane conditioning patterns. As I have explained before you have 2 basic tapers, lengthwise and crosswise.

I am mainly talking about crosswise taper or blend. The basic rule to follow is the flatter the pattern the more the natural typography of the bowling lane dictates where the bowler should roll his ball.

In addition, a flatter pattern will push the bowler more inside and the lane will have less hold area and more out of bounds or not recover from the outside boards. Now the length has a major factor in this too.

The longer and flatter the pattern the more inside the bowler plays with less swing area and less hold. The shorter the pattern the less hold and more swing area.

An example, a 35 foot pattern will have much more bowling ball recovery than a 45 foot pattern, but the 35 foot pattern will have very little hold as it does not skid down the bowling lane as far as the 45 foot pattern.

The same is true with crosswise blend. The bigger the wall in the middle the more the hold, the flatter the wall the less the hold and less recovery. Now this all depends on the ratios used.

Now days they use ratios, example: 10:1 is 10 times more bowling lane conditioner measured in units in the middle compared to the outside. This would be a walled up lane. Now a sport lane is 3:1 or 4:1 and sometimes are 2:1 ratios.

Well I hope I gave you some insight on bowling lane conditioning pattern development. Note: This was a bowling tip for medium to advanced bowlers for beginners I recommend you go to Bowling Tips and Instruction they have lots of tips for beginners on this site.

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