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How To Stay Behind Your Ball In Bowling

How To Stay Behind Your Ball In Bowling Or How To Stop Topping the Bowling Ball

Topping the bowling ball: This is a term used when a bowler goes around the ball rather then underneath it. This causes the bowling ball to roll down the lane much like a top and the ball will have a lower bowling ball track. The common term for this is a spinner.

Usually this type of ball motion does not have much punch or roll to it because of the spinning motion not getting enough surface contact on the bowling lane, or because the ball track is spinning in smaller area. The cover-stock of the ball is not contacting the bowling lane because it is filling up with lane oil.

A higher ball track is about 10 to 11 inches. This ball will have a lot of surface contact on the lane with a high end over end type motion. A spinner type motion will usually have a ball track under 10 inches and with a lower side spinning motion. The cause of this is usually because the bowler is not staying behind the bowling ball and goes around it not really over the top.

Their axis rotation is when their fingers and thumb are pointing at 9 o’clock and going around the ball rather then at the 12 o’clock position and going up the back of the ball at the release point. In order to stop going around the ball I recommend a couple things.

1. Take a video of your release if possible. Seeing is believing in this case, not only that you will be able to compare any changes you have tried to make to other videos.

2. Try to stay more behind the ball by letting your thumb out a little sooner and lifting straighter up with your fingers with a little finger pop at the end of your release point. Just let the ball roll off your hand naturally. Do not try to over hook the ball, just let it roll. Your release should be more toward the ceiling not toward the wall.

Well I hope this gives you some ideas to try. Remember tips are just tips; if it doesn’t work go back to what was.

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