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How to start a basic arsenal of bowling balls

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This is not for the beginner. It's for the person who already has some knowledge of the game and needs some advice as to what bowling balls he should have available in his bag. (his arsenal) Here is my best shot for a starting arsenal. Just about any house bowler needs to have 4 bowling balls with different cover stocks and they should all be drilled the same way. The surface and balance is the key,.


The Surface:

1. A particle bowling ball to use on longer oil that doesn't have much backend. (a Lane #1 Time Bomb Black Fire and Ebonite Smash Time - Hammer Hawg If you can find one {note:these are just examples}) Just make sure its solid particle.

2. A solid reactive bowling ball is used on a medium oily lane condition and medium long length that has some back end. (a Roto Grip Theory or a Storm Reign of Fire)

3. A pearlized bowling ball for fresh back ends or late night after the shot is broke down. (A Storm Anarchy or a Roto Grip Nomad )

4. A plastic ball to use as a spare ball, mainly for the 10 pin. Doesn't need to be expensive. (A Brunswick T Zone or a Columbia 300 White Dot)

The Balance:

1. Try to get bowling balls with 2 to 3 inch pins, or 1 to 2 inch pins with about 3 oz. top weight. When the ball is drilled put the pin 4.5 inches from your positive axis point (pap) or under your ring finger.

2. On a symmetrical ball the center of gravity (cg) should be in line with the pin angling toward your thumb. On an asymmetrical ball the mass bias should be in line with the pin and directly underneath your thumb. This is the This is the Ebonite's 90% layoutEbonite's 90% layout.

Drill all Bowling Balls like this!


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