Bowling Ball Surface Reaction Chart
Affects Of Abralon - Scuffing Pads - Bowling Ball Polish

Earliest Roll

1. 180 Abralon pad
2. 360 Abralon pad
3. Burgundy Scuff Pad = to about 400 grit
4. 500 Abralon Pad
5. Green Scuff Pad = to about 600 grit
6. Gray Scuff Pad = to about 800 grit
7. 1000 Abralon Pad
8. Gold Scuff Pads 1200 Grit
9. 1200 wet and dry sandpaper
10. 1500 wet and dry sandpaper
11. 2000 Abralon Pad
12. White Scuff Pad 2500 Grit
13. 4000 Abralon Pad

Latest Breakpoint

Adding Bowling Ball Polish after scuffing will give more length.
Closely matching the next step on the chart. but this may give a different reaction.

Example = 1000 Abralon then Bowling Ball Polish would closely match the white Pad. Or even 1200 grit. This depends on the amount of polish. and polishing technique . Bowling Ball Spinner or resufacer versus polishing the Bowling Ball by hand . Polish will give the bowling ball a more skid snap reaction. Scuffing the bowling ball will smooth out the reaction. As a general rule. But a bowling ball sanded with fine paper like 2000 or 4000 grit will in fact shine a bowling ball if sanded at high speeds. (Note: this is not an exact science but just a guide to follow. Also the age of the pad or sand paper. the amount of use make a difference on bowling ball reaction too.)

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