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Bowling Ball Oil Track Patterns

Affects Of Basic Pin Position - Positive Axis Point - Bowling Ball Track

Positive axis point layouts for a bowling ball in relationship with basic pin positions and bowling ball track.

Track flare in relationship to pin position - The pin on a bowling ball is what is used at a bowling ball factory to hold the core in place in a mold. Basically the pin keeps the core from moving in this mold. Then they pour in the cover stock material which is in a liquid form. The pin holds the core in place until the material dries. After the cover stock dries, the bowling ball is taken out and sanded down. The pin is cut off in this process. The pin is usually a different color than the cover stock. The pin is an indication of where the center of the weight block is in the bowling ball. This gives the ball driller and bowler a guide on determining the type of roll and amount of track flare on a bowling ball. Following are some basic examples.

Terms Use in Bowling Ball Drilling Layouts.

1. Pin or riser pin. = Pin

2. Ball track = BT

3. Positive axis point = PAP

4. Center of Gravity = CG

Illustration Below OF The Bowling Ball Drilling Terms



Track Flare

Track flare is when a bowling ball is rolled down a bowling lane. As the ball rolls, after every revolution, the weight block shifts causing the bowling ball to turn to a new fresh ball surface. In theory more friction is caused from the fresh ball surface to the bowling lane. This new fresh ball surface produces more ball to lane contact and causes more hook.

Illustration Of Bowling Ball Track Flare

(Note: This is only an example of what a track flare could look like, others may vary.)

A basic guide - First picture a clock. In this clock you have 3 hands one being the PAP, another the Pin, and another being the Bowlers Track.

Illustration Of Bowling Ball Layout Clock

The illustration below shows the maximum track flare position. This position will give the bowler the most ball to lane surface contact.

Illustration of Maximum Track Flare Pin Position


If the pin is closer to the bowlers ball track it will give the ball a later roll and more end over end roll. This is shown below.

Illustration End Over End Pin Position



If the pin is closer to the bowlers PAP it will produce an earlier and smoother roll, and less backend. This is shown below.

Illustration Early Rolling Pin Position


As A General Rule Of Thumb

1. Maximum flare half way between the Bowlers Track and PAP. = Most Hook.

2. Pin closer to the Bowlers Ball Track the more end over end roll and later back end hook.

3. Pin Closer to the Bowlers PAP the more earlier smoother roll with less back end hook.

4. Positions 2 and 3 have the same total hook just different ball motion.

Illustration Of a Bowling Ball And Weight Block


An Illustration Of A Weight Block Showing Bowler Track, Pin and PAP

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