Bowling Lane Conditions - The Christmas Tree Pattern



Bowling Lane Conditions.

Bowling Conditions - The Basic Christmas Tree Pattern - When the bowling lanes are conditioned in strips or stages like a step ladder it is called the Christmas tree oil pattern. As you look down the lane the oil pattern resembles a Christmas tree. There are many different types of Christmas tree lane oil patterns. This is one of the basic ones. The idea behind a Christmas tree pattern is to give the bowler more options of lines to play. This pattern allows the bowler to play the track area, a more direct shot, or the inside line. He is not limited to the track area like on the typical 10 to 10 house shot. Think of it as having different zones. As one zone dries out the next one opens up. It could also be called chasing the oil. Start on the outside and as one line dries out another line opens up. The footages and zones may vary on Christmas tree patterns, and there are many different types and shapes. (Note: there is usually lane conditioner on the outside of the lanes also).


Note: The Illustration Below Shows - A Basic Christmas Tree Pattern.

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