Bowling Lane Conditions - The Reverse Crown Pattern


Bowling Lane Conditions.

Bowling Conditions - The Reverse Crown Pattern - The reverse crown is also know as the polish block. With this pattern the bowling lanes are conditioned heavier on the outside and lightly conditioned on the inside. This is backwards to the way a normal lane is suppose to be conditioned. Thatís why it is called the reverse crown. This pattern normally has heavy oil from 2nd arrow out and light oil from 2nd arrow in. It is a very difficult condition to bowl on. It is best attacked by staying deep inside. There is no hold in the middle of the lane so the ball will cross over to the other side of the head pin. There is an out of bounds if the bowler swings the ball to the outside boards, the ball will just stay out there and never grab the bowling lane. It in some ways reacts like a flat oil pattern.

Note: The Illustration Below Shows - A Basic Reverse Crown Pattern.

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