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Bowling Towels Things You Should Know

This is something that I have noticed for quite some time, not all bowling towels are equal in their ability to absorb lane conditioner.

I use to think that all bowling towels, like the ones purchased at state tournaments or the ones with ball company emblems on them,were just as absorbing as a traditional micro fiber towel.

The truth is they are not. Storm makes a towel that has a flat surface that works very well, but I do not think it is a microfiber towel. I must say I do not know what it is made out of, but it absorbs conditioner well and it looks like a shammy.

In addition, I have had good luck with ebonite's power house microfiber towel. It is very absorbing.

Mostly those towels from tournaments are ok to use as a bowling towel. They are usually bigger than the Storm and the Power House Micro Fiber Towel.

In addition, I have noticed that these towels tend to repel water and conditioner more. I feel that these are good memorabilia and a great novelty, and are more expensive than the storm and ebonite micro fiber towels.

In a nut shell, get a true micro fiber towel for the best performance as not all towels are the same. There are links below to some of the best micro fiber towels for cleaning your bowling ball.

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