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Using Bowling Wrist Positions

There are 3 main wrist or bowling hand positions used in the sport.
These 3 positions promote 3 different types of bowling ball motions.
These 3 bowling ball motions are used to help the bowler do a few things.

First we must understand the 3 phases or zones of basic bowling ball motion.
They are slide, transition or hook, and roll.

These Bowling Wrist positions help the bowler

1. Get more skid, slide or delay the ball so that it will transition, hook and roll later on the bowling lane.

2. Get the ball to roll up sooner by shortening the bowling balls skid, slide to transition and hook earlier.

3. Control the spot and time the ball goes into its roll.

4. Get more or less revolutions on the bowling ball it's self.

This is an art that most all your top bowlers have mastered and is a very important key in todays bowling game. The ability to have slide and roll control can aid greatly in increasing the bowlers pin carry.

These wrist positions are.

1. Broken wrist position: This delays the bowling ball motion and gives it a later transition, hook and roll. This is best used on a dryer lane condition or short patterns and if the head part of the lane dries out.

2. Cupped wrist position: This promotes a shorter slide and earlier roll. This is best used on oilier on longer lane conditioner, or on lane conditioner carry down, or if you are leaving a lot of wrap 10 pins.

3. Straight or Flat wrist position: This is a neutral position and should be a starting spot. The bowler should adjust from there depending on what is needed to change the balls angle and zone.

The fact is being able to adjust your hand position to the lane conditions will greatly improve the bowlers ability to carry the pins.

Take some time and go to your center and practice these bowling wrist positions. Take notes about what each one of them does and when they work best for your game.

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