Tips for Increasing Pin Carry In Bowling

Here Are Some Basic Tips for Increasing Pin Carry.

Tip #1. If you don't have a finger tip ball you may want to consider upgrading to one. The extra revolutions you can get from this type of grip can give you more action at the pocket.

Tips #2. If you have a finger tip ball and don't use rubber finger grips you may want to consider putting them in your bowling ball they can help give you more lift which can give you more action at the pocket.

Tip #3. If you use the rubber finger grips check them out if they are worn out get some new ones they are not that expensive and can give you the extra revolution to ether carry a strike or leave a pin. I have seen new grips get people out of slumps. A rule I use is 1 time a week new grips 1 time a season which is about every 100 games. So 2 times a week would be twice a season and you can do the math.

Tip #4 Use rosin on your fingers before your strike shot.

Tip #5. Make sure you lift at the end of your release. An old bowler once told me the trick to carrying a strike or leaving a pin is in your finger lift.

Now Once Again Outlined

1. Use a finger tip bowling ball.
2. Use rubber finger grips.
3. If you already have finger grips get new ones at least once a season.
4. Try Rosin on your fingers.
5. Make sure you are lifting at your release point

Well this is a basic ideas for you to try and remember tips are only a tip so if it does not work go back to what did.

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