Bowling Ball Layouts - The Early Rolling Layout

The Early Rolling Layout. - This layout is used on oily lanes, long oil patterns, or carry down. It's used when the bowler wants to play the lanes from 7 boards out or when lane conditions dictate it. The type of bowling ball is usually a solid reactive resin or particle ball. This layout can also be used to break down a shot on a sport pattern. I like to use the term break open rather than break down because that's what you are trying to do. The layout pin under the ring finger or 4.5 inches away from your pap. The mass or the cg is angled 35 to 65 degrees. The angle is determined by the amount of early roll you want. I prefer mine at about 35 degrees which is about 2 inches off the thumb. (45 degrees = 3 inches and 35 degrees = 2 inches) Another rule of thumb is "the closer the mass is to the pap the earlier the roll." Average once or twice a week bowlers will rarely ever need this layout, unless the bowling center has slick lane conditions and the shot is more outside.
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