Bowling Ball Layouts - Black Widow Pearl Layout

Bowling Ball Layouts - My Black Widow Pearl Layout

Bowling Ball layouts - this layout is my black widow pearl layout. it is just like ebonites layout no. 1. but I have the mass bias at 1 1/2 inches off the side of the thumb and not 3 inches like ebonite recommends. this seems to give the bowling ball a later and sharper break point, or move to the pocket. and does not seem roll as early. also it seems to have a later more end over end motion when it flips or breaks. I have used the ebonite number 1 layout with great success. but it had the tendency to roll out on me. I first learned about the edited version of this layout at the track booth in Reno when I was at nationals last season. it does not roll out on me. and seems to have an in between reaction. on fresh condition I can play down and in with a direct line. on a broken down condition, it can be used as a flip ball. (note: I did not invent this layout. I just like to use it. I have this layout on 2 different bowling balls. - a Hammer Black Widow Pearl and a Ebonite One Original).
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My Black Widow Pearl Layout

(Note:Balance Hole Not Always Needed)

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