How to Bowl Using Line Bowling

Basic Line Bowling
A Place To Start For Beginners

After you've learned the 4-step approach and get the proper feel for the bowling ball, it's time to learn how and where to aim. For example, imagine you are going to go target shooting with a gun. You don't just aim at a target that is several feet away. Instead, you use the gun site which brings the target much closer and helps to line up the barrel of the gun to the target.

The same is true with a lot of things, but is especially true in bowling. You use targets on the bowling lane to help hit the proper spot on the bowling pins. These targets are a lot closer, and if you hit them correctly it will greatly improve your chances of hitting the pocket. So, if you look, you will see dots and arrows on the bowling lane itself. Those dots and arrows are designed for aiming purposes.

As a beginner the recommended way to use these targets on the lane is to start with your feet around the middle dot then use the 4-step approach. You should aim your bowling ball in an area around the 2nd and 3rd arrows, angling the bowling ball toward the 1 and 3 pins or the pocket. (note: this is for right handed bowlers, reverse for left handed bowlers).

The golden rule is to move the direction your ball moves. For instance, if everything is done correctly but your bowling ball continually crosses over toward the 7 pin you would move your feet in the direction of the 7 pin, not a lot, just a board at a time on the approach. The same is true if your ball is not coming up to the pocket and you keep hitting the 6 pin area, you would then incrementally move right on the approach.

Again this is for right handed bowlers and does take practice, time, and patience. There is an image below so you can get an idea of what I am trying to say. Remember this is only a starting spot and will take some trial and error.

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