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MOTIONPRO:Sports Training Software for Video Motion Analysis a Great Coaching and Sports Motion Analysis Tool
Here is an interesting product for sports motion analysis that could be a great inexpensive coaching tool. It can be used to analyze not only bowling, but golf, baseball, tennis, just about any sport really. If you are serious in getting better in you game you really need to get this program. It is a must have to get that extra edge over the others that you have been looking for. Below is a brief description of the software program and it is available to buy from

MOTIONPRO, sports training software
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MOTIONPRO:Sports Training Software
This Product is sure to take your game to the next level.
Product Features
If you want to improve your skills as a player or as a coach then you need video feedback.
Load any two videos and sequence them together within a single MotionPro! window.
Mark your video on the screen using various tools. Save your marked up video sessons as a new movie file.
Display and print a film strip of your video sequenced.

Product Description
MotionPro! is the ideal swing analysis and motion analysis software for golf, tennis, bowling, baseball, and all other sports. If you want to improve your skills as a player or as a coach then you need video feedback. MotionPro! makes it easy for you to perform powerful video analysis of any sport using equipment you probably already own! Are you looking for golf swing software or video analysis software to help you coach or teach golf, bowling, tennis, baseball, softball, skiing, dance, gymnastics, figure skating or any other sport? Then look no further! The applications for MotionPro! are limited only by your imagination. MotionPro! can help you as an amateur by comparing your swing to other good players or professionals. Use the software that Professional coaches use, for the fraction of the price.
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Sports Training Software for Video Motion Analysis