Using Hand Positions to Reduce Hook In Bowling

This is a bowling tip on how you can use your hand positions to help get the ball down the lane without having to change your bowling balls speed.
In addition, there is a video of a match between Norm Duke and Bob Learn JR. which show exactly what I mean.

I do not know anyone that performs this technique better than Norm; I hope he will not mind.
In addition, this video shows the contrast in the two hand positions.
I will first explain what I mean by changing your hand position to reduce your revolutions, and then I will put the video under the tips and a conclusion underneath that.

How to reduce your hook without increasing ball speed.

Did you know you can help skid the ball down the lane farther by simply changing hand positions. This is fairly simple to do, you just use a flatter release which changes the part of the ball that hits the bowling lane.

In a flatter release your ball will hit the lane more toward the thumb on the first part of the lane. This will cause the ball to skid down the lane farther during the first 2 transitions making the ball hook and roll later.

This can make it so you are basically taking part of the lane out of play, then rolling it harder is not necessary. You will also be reducing your rev rate in addition to making your ball rev up later on the lane.

No one performs this release better than Norm Duke...
I have put a video on this blog to show you what I mean. He is bowling Bob Learn JR. who really cups the ball so you can see the contrast in the skid zone on the bowling lane. Norm's ball will skid farther with less backend and Bob's will hook a lot sooner on the same lane conditions.

So, watch the skid zone and take note of how far it is between the two professional. Later in the video Bob Learn does change to get more skid, but I really just what you to see Norm's release as it is exactly what I mean.

In conclusion
I think you get my point. You can reduce the over reaction of your bowling ball by simply learning how to control the roll of your ball with hand position adjustments.

You can use this instead of changing the speed and sometimes the area of the lane that you are playing.

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Good Luck

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