Bowling Lane Play - The Direct Line

1. Direct Line - The direct line is also called the outside line. It is from the 7th board on the bowling lane outside. The bowling ball angle is directed toward the 1 and 3 pins as the ball is released. In the old days this was called "down and in". It is shown in the illustration below. Stroker or straighter type bowlers like this line most of the time. (Note: this is for right handed bowlers "everything is reversed for left handed bowlers".)

Now The Important Part - Bowling Ball or Equipment and When To Use The Direct or Outside Line.

2. Type of Bowling Ball or Equipment - The type of bowling ball is usually solid reactive resin or particle. The layout on the bowling ball is an early rolling layout. The layout pin is under the ring finger, or 4.5 in. away from your pap. The mass, or the cg. is angled 35 to 65 degrees. The angle is determined by the amount of early roll you want. I prefer mine at about 35 degrees. This is about 2 inches off the thumb rather than 3 inches. In other words, 3 inches = 45 degrees and 35 degrees = 2 inches. Another rule of thumb is the closer the mass is to the pap the earlier the roll.

3. When to use The Direct or Outside Line - This line is used when there is really not much back-end, or if there is no swing on a house shot. Some centers oil their lanes wider. This would dictate an outside line. It is also used to break down or break open a sport pattern. It's a strategy of trying to dry a spot out. It can be used on house shots that condition heavier amounts of lane oil from 7th board on the right side to the 7th Board on the left side. It's also used on carry down or with little or no back-end. I use it on a shorter sport pattern with a less aggressive cover stock. This is getting too detailed. In brief, when you can't swing the ball and have no back-end try this with an aggressive cover stock. For More Valuable Bowling Information please look at the
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