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1. Inside Line - The Inside line, or now called the open line or angle, is from the 14th board on the bowling lane inside and the bowling ball angle is directed toward the 6 pin as the bowling ball is released. (note: this is for right handed bowlers, reverse everything for those bowling left handed). High rev bowlers like this angle most the time.

Now The Important Part
Bowling Ball or Equipment and When To Use The Open or Inside Line.

2. Type Of Bowling Ball or Equipment - The Flipping Layout - This layout is just what it says it is, a flipping ball. This layout is used for playing the lanes more inside at about the 14 boards in at the arrows with a open line. This layout is used to stand left and give it room.
This is also called the stacked layout. It is the pin at 4.5 inches from the pap (positive axis point) and the cg (center of gravity) or mass bias directly under it in a vertical line. The amount of length of the bowling ball is determined by how high above the fingers the pin is. In other words, the higher the pin the longer the ball moves down lane before it flips or breaks. The surface is usually a pearl or a shiny solid reactive bowling ball. Caution - If you use this on oil it will slide too far and never flip.

3. When To Use The Inside Or Open Line - When the lane conditions have really dry back-ends or when the shot is really trashed late at night in pot games is when I used this ball. A long and strong ball in other words. I know that lots of people think this is an all around ball, but it is really not used that much especially if you always bowl on fresh oil. Unless you are bowling in a center with very dry lane conditions or the shot is more inside, the average one or two time a week bowlers will rarely ever need this layout.

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