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Bowling Lane Play - The Medium Line or Track Area
When To Use It and Type of Bowling Equipment

1. Medium Line - The Medium line is also called the indirect line or track area. It is from the 13th board to 8th board on the bowling lane. The angle is directed toward the 3 and 6 pins as the bowling ball is released.

(note: this is for right handed bowlers - for left handed bowlers everything is reversed.)

This is described in the illustration below. Tweener or Power Stroker bowlers like this line most of the time.

Now The Important Part -
Bowling Ball or Equipment and When To Use The Medium Line or Track Area.

2. Type Of Bowling Ball Or Equipment - This angle has the widest variety of options in bowling balls. The type of bowling ball I would recommend to start with is a solid reactive resin. I would also recommend the layout on the bowling ball be the arcing layout.

The arcing layout is when the ball is drilled the pin is at 4.5 inches from your positive axis point (pap) or under your ring finger. On a symmetrical ball the center of gravity (cg) should be in line with the pin angling toward your thumb. On an asymmetrical ball the mass bias should be in line with the pin and directly underneath your thumb.

This is the Ebonite's 90% layout. It is the layout for 90% of house shots. It's for bowlers that only bowl on a house shot, or the once or twice a week bowler.

3. When To Use The Direct or Outside Line - This line is used on most house shots that have the basic 10 to 10 oil pattern, on a medium lane condition, a 37ft to 41ft oil pattern with dry backends, or a semi broken down sport shot.

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Illustrations of Lane Play And Bowling Ball Layout Match
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