Bowling Lane Conditions - The House Shot

Bowling Lane Conditions.

1. Bowling Conditions - The Typical House Shot - The house shot, years ago called a super block, is a bowling lane that is usually oiled or conditioned heavier in the center from the 2nd arrow to the 2nd arrow. This is called the 10th board on the bowling lane. It is also mostly tapered from 30 ft. down to about 40 ft. In the old days we’d say “oil 30 ft. and buff to 40 ft”. The idea was that as the bowling ball rolled down the lane it would hit the heavy oil, or the wall of oil, in the middle and hold to the 1 - 3 pocket. It would be the 1 - 2 pocket for left handed bowlers. The dryer outside boards would make it so the ball would hook back to the pocket. This would give the bowler a wider margin of error. This in turn would lead to a possibility of having a higher scoring environment. (Note: not all bowling centers house shots are identical, they very from center to center.)

Note: The Illustration Below Shows The Typical House Shot.

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